How To

How to Make a Teddy Bear and/or Record a Message

You have reached the top level page for the “How to” section. Click on the below links for instructions on how to make a teddy bear and record a messagemake a teddy bear

Make a Make my Bear teddy or furry friend

Use the recordable voice box

If you prefer to watch how to do it rather than read instructions please click here to watch our instructional video.

The above links will take you to the pages containing the instructions on how to make a bear and how to use the recordable voice box. Alternatively you can access these pages via the drop down menus from the  ”How to”  main menu item.

We recommend that you read these instruction before making your bear.

There are also lots of tips for running a successful party in the “party ideas” drop down menu. You will find game suggestions and activities to help your teddy bear  party run smoothly and most  importantly, be lots of fun.

If you have any suggestions for games or activities we’d love to hear them. You can contact us at

Have a great teddy bear party.