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Teddy Bear Party Games Suggestions

Make my Bear parties are creative and heaps of fun. Teddy bear party games will add another dimension to the whole party experience.

A teddy bear party can easily be held at home as it does not need lots of space and does not create lots of mess.

Here are some traditional games with some ideas on how to give them a teddy party twist.


This is a ‘teddy party’ version of the traditional party game we all know and love. Wrap the teddy bear or animal skin in a pass the parcel so the children “win” the teddy they are going to stuff. You could have a couple of circles going at the sameno sew teddy bear kis time to cut down the time if necessary. If you think this is too much wrapping then you could have a “voucher” in each layer so when the music stops the child gets a voucher for a particular skin.


teddy bears picnic partyHide the teddy bear or animal skins and let the children find them. This game can be adapted to suit the age group involved. for younger children you could attach coloured ribbon or wool to the teddies and let the children follow the trail, If the children are old enough to read you could give clues as to where they are hidden.



teddy bear party gamesThis is played along the same lines as musical chairs but each child has to grab a teddy when the music stops.The child without a teddy is out. A teddy is removed after each round until there is only one teddy left. The winner is the child who is holding the last teddy when the music stops. (You may want to spread the teddies out to reduce the risk of the children bumping into each other.) 


no sew teddy bear

If your child has a number of stuffed toys then you can play this simple teddy bear game. Arrange the animals on the floor and get the children to look at them. Get the children to close they’re eyes and remove one of the animals. Get the children to identify which one is missing

teddy bear picnic party

This game is not specifically a teddy party game but it is great fun so we’ve included it here.
For this game you need 2 pairs of rubber gloves (small to fit the children) and a large bag of Starburst or similar wrapped lollies divided into 2 bowls. Divide the children into 2 teams and get them into lines. The child at the front of the lines puts on the rubber gloves and on the whistle they have to pick up a starburst from the bowl and unwrap it. They then have to eat it. When it has been swallowed they can pass the gloves onto the next player. The challenge continues until the last player in the line has swallowed their lolly. The first team to finish is the winner.


If you have any teddy bear party games suggestions please share them with us and we’ll include them on the website.


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