Build a Bear at Home Party Ideas 3 – 6 yrs

Make my Bear is great for a build a bear at home birthday party for ages 3 and up. Children in this age range love this hands-on activity as they are able to stuff the bear themselves and not have to hand it over whilst someone else fills it with stuffing from a machine like some of the high street stores. Most importantly, young children let their imaginations run wild and come up with some fantastic stories and even better names for their new friends.

Here are some ideas for the age group 3 – 6 years based on feedback we’ve received from parents, and children, who have had a Make my Bear birthday party.

 Pink Poodle

bear party at home

Pink Poodle is a definite favourite for this age group, especially with the girls.  The Pink poodle is very soft and cuddly and very pretty too.

If you want to add some further activities you can make decorative collars and leads for the poodles.

You can get collars and leads at $2 shops and then use glitter or beads to decorate them. If dogs are your thing we have other styles including huskies and black and white terriers.


build a bear party at home

Unicorns also prove very popular for the younger girls. This Unicorn has white fur and gold trimmings. We have a number of other unicorns too in all sizes.

Team it with a fairy theme and make wands and tiaras as an additional activity.

Recordable Voice Box

build a bear at home partyThe recordable voice box is a hit with all ages including parents. Although the recording time is only 10 seconds it seems to keep children occupied for ages. The message is re-recordable, so if you make a mistake the first time you can just record over it.

It is very simple to use, even for 3 year olds.

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