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Vacation care and Make my Bear

Make my Bear have provided over 50,000 Teddies to vacation care centres over the past 5 years. Each year more centres choose our bears and then they keep coming back. We believe this is because we provide awesome products and great service.

We provide generous discounts to vacation care centres. Please contact us for details.

vacation care activity

Quite simply this is one of the best vacation care activities there is. Make my Bear has proved exceptionally popular with children and is also very well-liked by the directors and staff. It is very similar in concept to Build-a-Bear but we provide the kits to the centres so there are no additional excursion costs,

Children love this activity as it is an engaging, creative and fun activity with a beautiful new friend to take home at the end.

Directors and staff like it because it is easy to organise and inexpensive to run.

Make my Bear Teddy Bear kits

Our teddy bear kits contain all you need to run teddy bear making as a vacation care activity.

Each kit consists of:-

  • the “skin” or fur
  • the stuffing
  • a satin heart (the children make a wish on this)
  • a birth certificate
  • and a carry home bag

The skin has a special fastener so there’s no sewing required.

We have had amazing feedback from vacation care centres. A lot of centres report that the children continue to bring their teddies into vacation care for the next few days after the event.

If you are interested in having a Make my Bear day in your vacation care program please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

As parents of 2 school aged children we realise the need to keep costs down whilst providing fun and engaging activities for the children. Make my Bear do this by supplying the teddy bear kits at very reasonable prices and making the concept simple enough to enable centres to run their own workshops.

Over time we have found that the children prefer to stuff the bears by hand. We no longer supply cumbersome stuffing machines, which means the children are able to stuff the bears by hand which is a lot more involving.

If you’re looking for more ideas for OSHC activities this is a good resource.

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