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Fundraising Tips

Easy fundraising with Make my Bear.

Children love Teddy Bears so this is a fundraising idea which sells itself.

To make the “Make my Bear” fundraising event a success make sure you prepare for the occasion. Here are a few tips to help make your day run smoothly.

1. Make sure you have a sufficient number of safety pins to use on the zips. Also remember to remove these once the bear has been zipped up.no sew teddy kits

2. If the event is to be held outdoors, make sure there is plenty of protection from the elements, prepare for either sun or rain.

3. Have a float with lots of change.

4. Have a price list clearly showing all the different prices of the items you are selling.

5. Have sufficient tables and chairs for the children to sit at to make the bears.

6. Have somewhere safe from the wind to store the stuffing – it is very light and the smallest of breezes will blow it away.

7. Have a selection of pens for completing the birth certificates. You may also want some name books!

8. Have a number of plastic tubs to keep the skins in to ensure they do not get dirty/wet sitting on the floor.

9. Have a camera to take pictures of the children with their new friends – make sure you get permission!

10. If you are selling clothes make sure they are on display so the children can clearly see the beautiful outfits.

11. Advertise the stall/event before the day so the children know it is going to be there and come prepared with their money.You could put a bear in a prominent position such as the school canteen to advertise the event.

12. Enjoy the event and have fun.