Make my Bear - Teddy Bear Party Plan

Before the teddy bear party, make sure you have all the essentials

  • A make my bear kit for each child
  • Safety pins for the zips
  • Pens for completing the birth certificates
  • Name tags are useful if you don’t know all the children’s names

We have listed lots of teddy bear party game ideas on a separate page so please decide which ones you are going to do so you have the necessary equipment.

teddy bear party

Suggested itinerary which takes approximately 2 hours.

Allow children to arrive and say hello and generally settle in.

For younger children start with a colouring in activity.

Play one of the games listed in our party games. See party games

Have a treasure hunt to find the teddy bear skins.

  • Younger children there could be a trail to follow using wool or coloured string.
  • Older children who can read have clues to follow to find their bears.

Explain to the children how to make bears. See instructions on how to make a bear.

  • Provide safety pins for the zips and assist the younger children
  • Stuff the bears/animals.
  • Have a wishing ceremony where the children make a wish on the heart.
  • Record a message if you have purchased the voice box
  • Complete the birth certificate.

If you have purchased additional items for the teddies then now is the time to use them.

  • Do you have T-shirts and fabric pens? Then decorate the T-shirts.
  • If you have clothes, dress the bears/animals.
  • Alternatively play some more teddy bear party games.

Serve the food. This could be in the form of a Teddy Bear’s picnic. Use a checked blanket and sit the children and their bears on this to eat. Use teddy bear cutters to cut out the sandwiches and serve a teddy bear cake  – see recipes




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