Make a Bear

How to Make a Bear

Ready to make a bear? Whether you’re having a Make a bear party at home or at vacation care, making your new furry friend is a fun and enjoyable experience. Just follow these simple instructions :-

1. Make sure you have all the required bits and pieces to create your new furry friend. This includes:

  • teddy skin
  • stuffing
  • satin heart
  • birth certificate
  • Fastener:-
    • safety pins for the zips if your bear has a zip fasteners
    • scissors for the excess cable tie if your bear has a cable tie fastener
  • pens for completing the birth certificates
  • recordable voice box (optional extra)


2. Locate the inner bag. Some of the bears have zips and some have cable ties.

If yours has a  zipper, the easiest way to open the zip is to use a safety pin. Insert the safety pin into the hole on the zip and then use the safety pin as the puller. Ensure the zip is fully open to allow the stuffing to be inserted properly.

If the bear has a cable tie then the inner bag will already be open.

Make a bear

3. Put half the stuffing inside the inner bag ensuring it is pushed to all the outer extremities. (Hint – using chopsticks helps with the task)

4. Take the satin heart and make your special wish, then place inside the bear with the stuffing.

Optional Voice Box

5. If you have purchased an optional voice box then this is the time to put this in place too. Ideally you should put it in one of the paws or in the tummy, just make sure the play button is facing outwards. See the instructions on how to record your message before you insert the voice box.

6. Now fill with the remaining stuffing. Note you don’t have to use all of the stuffing provided, you decide how soft you want your new friend. Do not over stuff as this will put too much strain on the outer skin.

7. When you are happy with the look of your new friend,  close the zip and remove the safety pin or pull the cable tie tight. It is a good idea to cut off the excess plastic from the end of the cable tie once closed. Finally, close the velcro ensuring that no fur is caught.

Note There is a protective strip on one side of the velcro to ensure the fur does not get caught whilst stuffing the bear, this needs to be removed to enable the velcro to stick.

8. Choose a name for your new friend and complete their birth certificate.

9. If you have clothes for your new furry friend then it’s time to dress them in the outfits you have chosen.

10.  Love hug and squeeze your new best friend.!


It’s so much fun to make a bear!



make a bear