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Make my Bear

Make My Bear started life in 2011 in Sydney, Australia.build a bear party

The idea for Make my Bear was formed after a trip to the UK where my children attended a “make a bear” style party . They had been to Build a Bear shops before but never to a make a bear party at home. They enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to look into setting up this sort of business on my return to Australia. As a parent, I had often struggled to come up with creative, fun themes for birthday parties at home and this seemed to be a perfect fit.

Build a Bear at home

I did some research into the “teddy bear making” market and found that there was a definite gap in the market. You can have a Build a Bear party in store, usually in big shopping malls,  and use a big stuffing machine to fill the teddies. If you wanted to make your own teddy bear at home your options were limited. Make my Bear doesn’t use the big stuffing machines and is much more hands on as the children get to stuff the teddies/animals themselves. The materials are very  portable so the party can  easily be held at home, in a scout hall or any other party venue.

Teddy Bear Party Activities

There are plenty of activities that compliment a make a bear style of party and we have listed various ideas in our party ideas section.

We have plain T-shirts which can be decorated with fabric pens or crayons. There are lots of clothes and accessories to chose from and they all fit build a bear, teddy mountain and other 15 – 16″ bears. The clothes range is constantly changing and we are always on the look out for new and exciting accessories.

If you’re looking for party ideas then there are numerous game suggestions and teddy bear party theme ideas which can be found under party ideas on the website..

We also provide our DIY teddy bear kits for fundraising events and this has proven to be very successful.We have been involved in fundraising for Ronald McDonald house, Bear cottage and various school fund raisers.

Make my Bear can also be found at various vacation care centres during school holiday periods. If you are interested in having a Make my Bear day for your vacation care centre then contact us.