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Shipping teddy bear kits Australia wide

We supply teddy bear kits Australia wide. Shipping charges are weight based and will be calculated at checkout. A pricing table is shown at the bottom of this page.

teddy bear kits australia

Local Pick-up

Local pick-up is available from Balgowlah, NSW 2093.

If you would like to pickup please choose ‘local pickup from  Balgowlah’ in the drop-down menu at in the shopping cart as shown in the example to the right.

This drop-down menu will also be available in the checkout page.

Weight in grams Postage
From To in Aus$
0 109 $5.45
110 489 $6.60
490 999 $8.75
1000 1999 $10.40
2000 2999 $19.00
3000 4999 $21.00
>5000 $30.00


To give you an idea of how thes above table translates to teddies

Shipping costs for teddy bear parties – bears only

A teddy bear party for 5 would be approx $8.75

A teddy bear party for 10 would be approx $10.45.

A teddy bear party for 15 would be approx $19

Shipping costs for teddy bear parties – bears and clothes

If you were to add clothes then the weight would obviously increase

A teddy bear party for 8  including bears and t-shirts would be approx $10.45

A party with 10 bears and 10 outfits would be approx $19


We aim to keep our shipping costs as low as possible, and will always try to utilise the most cost effective means of transport.

Please contact us if your shipment in super urgent.

We currently only ship to Australian destinations from the website but we can ship internationally. Please contact us for a quote.