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Teddy Bear Making Kits and Our Environmental Footprint

We may provide teddy making bear kits but our environmental footprint is very important to us. At Make my Bear we strive to be as environmentally responsible as we can. We have used products that have been recycled or that can be re-used wherever possible.

Teddy bear making kits – stuffing

We have sourced beautifully soft fill to stuff the toys. This fill is 100% recycled from discarded plastic water bottles.

teddy bear making kits The fibre fill performs exactly like a high-grade polyester fill. Instead of being made from virgin chemicals, the fibre is derived from recycled water bottles. It is hypoallergenic and can be hand washed and line dried.

Teddy bear making kits – carry home bags

We have chosen to use re-usable bags as our party/take home bags. These bags can then be used for swimming , library etc. These bags are made from 30% recycled material.

Other steps we have taken

Our web site is hosted on a carbon neutral platform.

We also encourage our suppliers to cut down on unnecessary packing materials. We avoid excessive packaging materials when sending our products and try and keep plastic at a minimum.

Something to think about – taken from the World Wide Fund for Nature website http://www.wwf.org.au/ In Australia, we’re consuming more than three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources. If we continue these consumption patterns, we will face an ecological overshoot that will have far-reaching future consequences for people and nature.  Australians have one of the largest environmental footprints per capita in the world, requiring 6.8 global hectares per person. If all people consumed the Earth’s resources the way that we do in Australia, it would take the resources of more than three Earths to support us.