Kids Party 7+

Kid’s Party 7+

Make my Bear is a great kids party concept for all ages from 3 upwards. Here some ideas and suggestions  for a kids party for ages 7 and up, based on feedback we’ve received from parents (and children).

Sleepover parties

Sleepover parties are very popular for this age group. The children get to make a bear then have it to cuddle all night long. All of our bears work well for a sleepover party but the PJs look best on the upright bears and animals (as opposed to those with 4 legs). One parent told us she had organised for the children to make a matching eye mask for the teddies and the kids, which was a huge success.

build a bear

Goldie bear is very versatile and looks great in all the outfits .

This bear works well for boys and girls and will fit in well with most themes.

Goldie bear has been used as a team mascot and a dance school good luck charm (dressed as a balerina of course).

A teddy bear’s picnic works well with Goldie bear.

Rabbit also looks great in all of our outfits. The girls seem to like to put rabbit in a cheerleaders outfit.

Rabbit was very popular at a recent fund raising Easter fair.

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