About us

Make your own Teddy Bear

Make my Bear was established in Sydney in 2011 to provide a fun and creative make a bear party solution for children aged 3 – 14. We thought Make your own Teddy Bear was too much of a mouthful so after playing with lots of permutations we arrived at Make my Bear.

Our aim was to create an alternative experience to Build-a-Bear.  We looked at how to provide a Build-a-Bear party at home and created a teddy bear kit that can be posted.

Your child will love the whole unique, creative “Make my Bear”  experience. It starts with choosing their new best furry friend.  Then watch as they bring their special friend to life. Each teddy bear kit contains: make your own teddy bear

  • stuffing that lovingly fills its belly,
  • a satin heart to wish upon,
  • a personalised birth certificate
  • and a carry bag which they can use time and time again.

They can also choose from our range of Teddy Bear clothes and dress their friend.  They can also add accessories, and a recordable voice box.

The Make your own Teddy Bear Experience

With Make my Bear you give your child both a special gift and a wonderful bonding experience. Our teddy bear themed experiences draw on the natural affection children have for their favourite soft toy. Then personalises it through an interactive building process, providing your child with their very own special huggable life-long companion.

At Make my Bear we have a number of different styles to choose from, making it easier for all bear and animal lovers to select their own special new furry friend.

Make my Bear materials

We take great pride in which fabrics we source, typically the more expensive available on the market, to ensure you produce the softest, most loveable toys possible.

Our stuffing is recycled from plastic water bottles. It is soft to the touch and fully washable. The carry home bags are also made from recycled materials. They are similar in style to a library bag in the hope that the bags will be reused and not discarded.

Our wish is to give you the experience and joy of giving your child a gift that will be part of their life and memories forever. Have a build-a-bear party at home.