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Children love teddy bears so this is a fundraising opportunity which sells itself

We can provide teddy bear kits at wholesale rates for your fund raiser, with a sale or return option. Our customers have found this to be extremely helpful as it can be difficult to estimate the quantity required.

The “Make my Bear” experience provides a family friendly, creative, hands-on experience for children upwards of 3 years old. Children get to make their own teddy bear or cuddly animal at the fundraising event or they can purchase them as take home kits. It’s a similar concept to Build-a-Bear without having to visit a store.

Teddy Bear Kits

Each teddy bear making kit contains:-

  • the fur (outer skin) with one way zip – no sewing required,
  • the stuffing,
  • a red satin heart to wish on,
  • a birth certificate
  • and a carry home bag.

Children love seeing their new best friend take shape. They can make a special wish on the satin heart before placing it inside the bear.

When the bear is at the desired level of “cuddliness” the zip can be closed and then hidden from view by the velcro closure. The children can then chose a name and complete the birth certificate. A unique bond is formed with the teddies the children make themselves and they are treasured for years.

What You’ll Need

The stall is easy to run; you will need a display table to display the bears and outfits and a couple of tables and chairs for the children to sit at whilst making the bears. You will need at least 2 people to run the stall to assist the children whilst making the bears. 


We offer wholesale rates for fundraising events, allowing you to make up to $7 per bear.

Please contact us for pricing.

Helpful Advice

Teddy bear making has proved extremely successful at recent fundraising events and we can assist in suggesting suitable bears and outfits for your fair demographic. The activity is easy to run and as these teddy bear kits are “no sew” so there’s no sharp needles to worry about.

Don’t forget to look at out fundraising tips page to ensure you day runs smoothly.

To give you an idea of participation; children at a K-6 school fair made 60 bears in 3 hours, with just one bear making table. You can see photos of this event by clicking here.

Make my Bear has been used very successfully at school fairs, markets, charity days and mother/daughter days. It is everything you want a fundraiser to be – simple and effective.