Easy Tie-Dye


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Easy Tie-Dye

Easy Tie-Dye for up to 30 projects (approx 20-25 t-shirts).

5-colour Easy Tie-Dye Kit from Tulip

This easy tie-dye kit from Tulip® is a One-Step 5-Color Tie-Dye Kit® and is the easiest tie-dye solution for parties, sleepovers, vacation care, camps and clubs. Everything but the T-shirt is included (but we do sell these too!)

Have a look at our T-shirts for children.

Available in four colour themes – Ultimate, Rainbow, Carousel and Neon – everyone will find colors they love to create outrageously artful tie-dye designs.easy tie-dye
Each 5-Color One-Step Tie-Dye Kit includes:

  • 5 squeeze bottles with One-Step Dye powder inside
  • 40 Rubber bands
  • 8 Protective gloves
  • How-to project guide

Ultimate colours Fuchsia,  Yellow, Lime, Turquoise and Purple,

Rainbow colours  Red, , Yellow,  Violet, Green,  Blue

Carousel colours  Teal,Royal Blue, black  ,Purple,Fuchsia

Neon colours  Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Lime and Turquoise

Luau colours  Red, Orange, Lime, Teal and Violet

Shibori colours Sky Blue, Grey, Black, Turquoise and Indigo

Pretty Pastels colours  Lavender, Lilac, Blush, Sky Blue, Mint

Mermaid  Lavender, purple, Aegean Sea, turquoise and green

With Tulip® One-Step Dye®, the process is in the name – one-step makes a fashion masterpiece – just add water for beautiful bold color! The dyes are permanent and color-fast, so they won’t fade in the wash. And since the dyes are mixable, you can create your own custom colors. It’s fashion art made EASY!

The tie dye kits do NOT come with T-shirts but we can supply these too


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